Nuna Parr


Nuna Parr was born in 1949 near Kinngait (Cape Dorset). He lived in Tasiuakjuak with his adoptive parents Parr and Eleeshushe before moving to Cape Dorset in 1961. His parents were both artists, and it was the co-op that attracted the family to Cape Dorset. His parent’s artistic involvement enabled Nuna to begin carving at a young age, while he was still in school. He began his practice by carving smaller forms but would graduate to larger-scale carvings. Today he is known for, and prefers to carve larger-scale. He is a skilled hunter and his affinity to arctic wildlife is reflected in his artistic practice. 


Nuna Parr’s long and successful career has proven him to be one of Cape Dorset’s most recognized carvers. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and his work is held in many public and private collections. 


“His interest in hunting and his regard for the animal life of the Arctic are directly reflected in his work. His rounded forms have great movement and a natural flow with the grain of the stone, as if both were made for each other.” - 

(Excerpt from Cape Dorset Sculpture, 2005)

Photo: Dorset Fine Arts


Cape Dorset Collection: Nuna Parr Prints